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FY 2018 City of Fulshear Budget Information

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Water Quality

The City of Fulshear is committed to providing safe and clean drinking water. Every month, Severn Trent, the City’s operations contractor, takes ten (10) samples from various points in the system throughout the City. Those samples are then sent to an independent third party lab for analysis for harmful bacteria and other harmful factors.  Those lab findings are reported to the Texas Department of Health Services and other regulatory agencies.  Likewise, we are accountable to our customers on an annual basis and provide to the public a statement on the quality of water available to them through our Annual Consumer Confidence Report which contains several water quality metrics to verify the safety and quality of the City’s water supply. A copy of last year’s report can be found on here on the City’s website.

It should also be noted that concerns about petroleum or other substance infiltrating the City’s water system following a pipeline issue are exceptionally unlikely.  The aquifer from which the City’s groundwater comes from is a significantly deeper level (typically 350 to 600 feet) than pipelines in the area (15 to 45 feet).  That said, if you believe that you have foreign contaminants we ask that you please contact the City or Severn Trent immediately.   You can also find all the testing and results for the City’s water system on the Texas Drinking Water Watch website: at or by using your favorite search engine.