Economic Development Strategic Plan (2019)

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The City completed its first Economic Development Strategic Plan in September of 2019. The plan, developed with assistance from TIP Strategies, outlines the community’s economic development vision, guiding principles, and key goals/initiatives, over the next 5 to 10 years.

Over the next 10 years, the population of Fulshear is expected to surpass 30,000 residents.  Fulshear is positioned solidly in the path of growth as one of the Greater Houston region’s desirable western suburbs. Its strengths include highly rated schools, award-winning master-planned communities, and good access to employment centers along Interstate 10 and the Westpark Tollway.  Yet even with these positive prospects, Fulshear faces important challenges that it must address and manage to secure its future. 

The strategic framework provides a mechanism for project evaluation and decision-making that is based on the community’s values and priorities. This framework not only serves to guide the City’s decision-making but also acts as a powerful tool to assist the City in seeking like-minded development partners who share the City’s vision for its future.   

Economic Development Vision
“Fulshear is a top destination for talent and businesses in the Greater Houston region, maintaining a small-town feel and a strong connection to nature balanced with high-quality, well-planned, and diversified development.”

Guiding Principles

  • EXCELLENT QUALITY OF PLACE. Fulshear maintains a unique character with abundant, attractive community assets that serve as amenities to current and future residents and businesses.
  • FISCALLY SUSTAINABLE. The City of Fulshear has a diversified revenue base that supports quality city services and plentiful funding for priority capital improvement projects.
  • BALANCED TAX BASE. The residential tax base of Fulshear is complemented and supplemented by a robust commercial tax base composed of a wide range of industries.


  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. Support business growth and tax-base diversification in Fulshear with a suite of economic development services.
  • STRATEGIC INVESTMENTS. Encourage the development of opportunity areas through the investment of the City’s and EDCs’ resources.
  • TRANSFORMATIVE PROJECTS. Preserve and enhance Fulshear’s character and quality of place through catalytic projects. Transformational projects that emerged as themes in the planning process include a vibrant downtown, a lifestyle center, and parks and open space.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL ALIGNMENT. Structure the City of Fulshear’s economic development tools, resources, and oversight for efficient service delivery and investment management.  

Key Definitions

  • Economic development involves the strategic use of public resources to stimulate private investment in a manner that benefits the City as a whole in the long term in alignment with values and priorities expressed by the community and incorporated in the strategic plan.
  • An economic development project is a project that requires a higher level of city engagement and investment and promotes the City's economic development vision. An economic development project could be a business seeking relocation or expansion support from the City in the form of incentives or a developer seeking public participation in a large-scale, transformational project. In other words, it is a project that is requesting that the City or EDC invest or assume a portion of the risk associated with the project for it to materialize. Transformative projects are also considered economic development projects. Projects that are primarily residential developments or market-driven retail would not be considered economic development projects.