Requests for Proposals, Qualifications and Bids

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Vendor Registration

If you are interested in doing business with the City of Fulshear, you may register through Public Purchase to receive notifications of bid opportunities. You may register with Public Purchase for free at

The City of Fulshear encourages all vendors interested in receiving solicitation notifications to register through Public Purchase as the City does not maintain an “approved vendor list”.

 What Does the City of Fulshear Buy?

Items purchased by the City of Fulshear typically are but not limited to heavy equipment; police equipment & vehicles; office furniture; office machines; equipment and supplies; computers & accessories; printing services; construction of drainage, streets, buildings and infrastructure; consulting,  engineering or architectural services.

 Current Solicitations

Notices for solicitations are advertised by the City on,tx/buyer/public/publicInfo and in the Fort Bend Herald newspaper. 

 The City of Fulshear’s Open Solicitations page lists current bids and requests for proposals. Click on the link below to see and download a current list of open solicitations.,tx/buyer/public/home

 You are strongly encouraged to only download the City of Fulshear’s documents through the Public Purchase website.  This method assures that you will receive notice of any addenda issued for the solicitation as addenda are not distributed through any other method. Be sure to read the bid and proposal packets thoroughly for deadlines and delivery timeframe information.

 Obtaining Solicitation Packages

On the City’s Website, the Open Solicitations page lists the current bids and proposals. The bid documents can be downloaded from the site by registering with Public Purchase.  There is no fee to register and download. Once you download the documents, be sure to read the packets thoroughly for deadlines and delivery timeframe information.

 The official solicitation package documents may only be obtained by downloading the documents from  Only those vendors who obtain the documents in this manner are placed on the solicitation’s planholder list and thus can be assured of receiving notification of addendums that may be issued.

 NOTE: If you obtain a solicitation package from some other source, you may not receive any addendums that are issued.  Be safe and download only from

 Contract award results can be obtained by contacting the appropriate person listed in the bid packet.


The City of Fulshear utilizes a competitive procurement process to gain maximum free and open competition to ensure purchases are obtained efficiently and economically and in compliance with the provisions of applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. We hope that the following information will assist suppliers in becoming familiar with how to conduct business with the City of Fulshear.

How can I get on a bidders list?

Any and all individuals and firms who desire the opportunity to receive bid invitations are requested to register for the City of Fulshear with

 How can I find out about bid opportunities?

Sealed bids or proposals for expenditures of more than $50,000 are advertised in the Fort Bend Herald under the legal notices section and through

 In accordance with Texas Government Code 791.001, the City of Fulshear has the option of purchasing products that are on cooperative purchasing contracts. If this method is chosen, the purchase is exempt from the bidding process regardless of the dollar amount.

 Where do I turn in a sealed bid?

Vendors should pay close attention to proposal submittal instructions in solicitation documents. Vendors must turn in their sealed bids or proposals to the City of Fulshear sealed bid box at the address indicated in the solicitation package.

 Sealed bids or proposals should bee identified by marking the outside envelope “Sealed Bid.” It is up to the vendor to ensure that bids are turned in on time. The City of Fulshear assumes no responsibility for delays caused by a courier, U.S. Post Office or any other form of delivery. No exceptions are made for late bids.

 Can I attend a bid opening?

Yes, bid openings are open to the public. It is the official reading of the bid or proposal and generally consists of who reading aloud the names of who submitted proposals. Announcement date, time and location of the bid opening is included in the bid documents. Questions concerning any aspect of the bids or proposals are not addressed in the bid opening.

 How can I obtain results of a bid award?

Once bids are reviewed and evaluated, they are awarded as soon as is practical. Results will be posted on the Public Purchase website as well as sent to all bidders.


The City of Fulshear periodically offers surplus and salvage City property for sale to the public.  The sale is done via online public auction.  Click on the link below to access the City’s auction site:


Additional information is available by contacting the City of Fulshear Purchasing Office at or (281) 346-8812.