Financial Transparency

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Financial Transparency
The City of Fulshear is dedicated to serving the community in a fiscally responsible manner.  The city posts several financial reports including the annual budget, annual financial report (AFR) and monthly check registers.

More information about Financial Transparency can be found HERE  

FY 2019-2020 Investment Strategy & Policy

Budget Reports

FY 2020 Budget 

Annual Financial Reports 
Each year, the City of Fulshear publishes a complete set of financial statements that consist of management’s representations concerning the finances of the city.  Annually, city financials are audited by licensed public accountants.  You may review the annual reports below.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY18
Financial Audit Fiscal Year 2017 
Financial Audit Fiscal Year 2016
Financial Audit Fiscal Year 2015
Financial Audit Fiscal Year 2014
Financial Audit Fiscal Year 2013
Financial Audit Fiscal Year 2012
Financial Audit Fiscal Year 2011

Check Registers
Check registers are updated monthly for each Fiscal Year.  This information will allow taxpayers to view how the city is disbursing money. (Registers are searchable using Chrome and the Control F key)

Fiscal Year 2019 Payment Report (October 2018 - November 2018)
Fiscal Year 2018 Payment Report (October 2017 - September 2018)
Fiscal Year 2017 Payment Report (October 2016 - September 2017)
Fiscal Year 2016 Payment Report (October 2015 - September 2016)

Quarterly Investment Reports
Each quarter the Investment Officer of the city provides a detailed investment report to city council.  The investment portfolio and all related transactions comply with the City’s Investment Policy and the Public Funds Investment Act of the State of Texas.

FY 2018 3rd Quarter Investment Report
FY 2018 2nd Quarter Investment ReportFY 2018 1st Quarter Investment Report

Debt Information
The City of Fulshear does not have any outstanding debt issues at this time.

Tax Information

Sales Tax is collected by the State of Texas Comptroller’s Office, and is imposed on all retail sales, leases and rentals of most goods.  To obtain more information, please visit the State of Texas website.

The sales tax rate for the City of Fulshear is 8.25% and includes the following rates:

  • 6.25% to the State of Texas
  • 1.00% to the City of Fulshear
  • .50% to the City of Fulshear Development Corporation (Type A Economic Development Sales Tax Corp.)
  • .50% to the Fulshear Development Corporation (Type B Economic Development Sales Tax Corp.)

Ad Valorem (Property Tax) for fiscal year 2018/2019 is $0.162510 cents per $100 assessed value.  Property taxes are billed in October and become delinquent after January 31st the following year.  Assessed values represent the appraised value less applicable exemptions authorized by the City Council. 

To review the City's local exemption offerings, please use this interactive version of the ordinance.

Please note there are other taxing entities included in your total tax bill.  The City of Fulshear only represents one. 

The Fort Bend Central Appraisal District is responsible for determining the value of all properties on the tax roll.  For specific questions about your property appraisal, contact the Appraisal District directly.