Alligator Awareness

The City is aware of the concerns expressed by many residents following the tragic event involving an alligator in Orlando earlier this week. We want to remind residents that alligator attacks are exceptionally rare and that the best way to avoid such incidents is to avoid interacting with alligators.

Alligators are native to this area and use the rivers, creeks and ditches to travel around.  Given the heavy rains, flooding and mating season the alligator population in the area is very active. The same is true for a wide variety of snakes in our area. Avoidance is key as both are much faster than you think and although they are usually averse to confrontation, they will react if they perceive you as a threat.

Therefore we encourage you to avoid interaction with all snakes and alligators, refrain from feeding gators at all times and please make sure that you have small pets and children secured when active in areas one might expect to find an alligator; such as trails near creeks, on lake shores and along ditches. If you happen to find an alligator in an area you might not expect like your swimming pool, garage or yard, please call the Fulshear Police Department at 281-346-2202.