Frances Smart Park

The City of Fulshear understands the value of maintaining its history and honoring its founding families. We would like to clarify the City’s actions and intentions related to Frances Smart Park and the relocation of the Historic Section House (aka Switch House). While Council gave staff approval to move the Section House and modify the park facilities, including the potential demolition and removal of the gazebo; it will not do so, as we evaluate the optimal placement of the Section House on the site.

There have been suggestions that the Section House be placed at alternate sites and those will be evaluated as well. The idea behind placing the Section House at the Smart Park is to breathe additional life into that facility as it is currently under-utilized.  The hope is to transform the Section House into an attraction celebrating Fulshear’s history while building interest and serve as a draw for the northern end of the downtown Fulshear area.

Long term, this site may prove especially advantageous to the City as it moves forward under the Livable Centers Planning initiative coupled with other potential developments in the same area of town. We hope that we would be able to preserve as many structures and trees as possible. We appreciate public input on this and other issues. Thank you for your patience and consideration.