Fulshear Water Plant Status - August 8, 2016

August 8, 2016:  The City’s new water well and elevated storage tank are on-line and functioning as intended. 

There should be no further problems related to city water other than high water pressures, which are a good thing and should subside as the pipes are scoured and flushed. 

Please let us know if you have any continuing water issues by e-mailing Maureen Murray at mmurray@fulsheartexas.gov or calling (281) 346-1796. 

August 4, 2016:  
You may have noticed a slight odor (sulfur smell), which is not uncommon for new wells in this area.  Typically, this clears up after regular use and/or modified treatment.

As a precautionary measure samples were taken today to ensure safety for consumption.  The results are well below any EPA or Texas Commission on Environmental Quality regulations.  While there is no health risk, the presence of this odor can be objectionable.  The City will continue to take all necessary actions to ensure high quality water and the newly installed equipment will certainly help achieve this goal.

For more information regarding hydrogen sulfide in public drinking water, please click the following link from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality:  http://www.tceq.texas.gov/publications/pd/020/2013-NaturalOutlook/consumer-confidence-reports-whats-in-your-drinking-water.

August 1, 2016:  
The City is aware of the current water quality issues and is taking all necessary actions to alleviate the problem.  

It appears that the issues are related to the higher water pressures associated with placing the new elevated storage tank on line last Friday.  The City's operator is currently flushing the water mains and taking samples to ensure the water quality is normal. It is anticipated the problem will be short in duration.

If you are experiencing water quality issues, please flush your home water system by running bathtubs until the water is clear.  If you continue to experience problems after flushing, please call the City at (281) 346-1796.  Please continue to check the City's website for updates.  

July 29, 2016:  
Great news!  As of this morning we are officially on line and using water from the 250,000 gallon elevated storage tank (EST).

We are awaiting approval from the TCEQ to permanently place the new water well on line which we anticipate early next week.

We are still asking for voluntary conservation regarding irrigation until the new water well is placed on line but normal usage can be resumed.
Fulshear Elevated Storage Tank and Standpipe - July 2016  
Fulshear's new 250,000 gallon elevated storage tank (background on pedestal) and existing 22,000 gallon standpipe (foreground) which will be utilized for additional ground storage.  

July 27, 2016: Three bacteriological samples from the new water well have passed and the well was placed on  line Monday, July 25. The new elevated storage tank (EST) will be brought on line once it passes the required tests.

The three water well bacteriological samples passed and the new well was placed online Monday.

The new EST was then quickly filled and one sample was collected from the tank yesterday, Tuesday, July 26. Unfortunately, this sample failed and is being re-collected today, Wednesday, July 27. The retest should pass given the additional day of chlorination impact to the EST.

Assuming the resample results pass, the new EST will be placed online tomorrow, Thursday, July 28.  This will provide for a much more normal water supply and water pressures. 

Thank you for your continued patience and water conservation efforts.

July 25, 2016: CenterPoint Energy has installed all of the new power installations to the water plant.  Water pressures are expected to function more normally over the next couple of weeks but water conservation is still urged until further notice.

Last Thursday CenterPoint Energy installed all of the new power installations to the water plant.  Subsequently, now that the new well has power, the contractor collected the three required consecutive daily bacteriological samples starting last Friday.  As of today, two of the three samples have passed and we are waiting on the third sample results from yesterday.  Assuming all three samples pass, we are expecting approval from the TCEQ to allow us to immediately be able to use the new water well to fill the new elevated storage tank (EST).  

The tank should be full tomorrow or Wednesday of this week and then one required bacteriological sample will be collected from the EST.  Assuming that sample passes, we expect to have the new EST online and available by Thursday, July 28th.  This will provide 250,000 gallons under pressure to the system instead of the existing 22,000 from the standpipe.  The EST coming online will provide the new school and others with the water pressures they need to function more normally.  There will be some other work that has to be done where temporary power disconnections will occur at the plant over the next couple of weeks, but with the EST online those should not have any effect.

July 20, 2016: Power will be installed Thursday, July 21 at the City's water plant, and power to the plant will be disconnected. It is critical that no irrigation be used over the next 24 hours. 

CenterPoint Energy plans to install electrical power to the City’s water plant tomorrow, Thursday, July 21. During this work the power to the plant will be disconnected. Please plan to discontinue all irrigation for the next 24 hours.

Once this work is done the new water well will be operational and the new elevated storage tank can be filled.  This should have a dramatic positive effect on the water pressure.

July 14, 2016: The City is working to bring several key water plant improvements on line over the next two weeks. In order to do so, customers are asked to conserve water wherever possible - especially on Fridays and Mondays.

Thank you for your continued patience regarding fluctuating water pressure and irrigation restrictions.  Great progress is being made on the City's water plant but we are not quite there yet. 

Several water plant improvements should be brought on line over the next two weeks. In the mean time, we need your continued help to conserve water wherever possible - especially on Fridays and Mondays.
The City's new elevated storage tank is ready to bring on line, however, we have not been able to fill it yet due to the irrigation usage at the new school site and other residential developments and businesses. Consequently, WE ARE ASKING THAT ALL IRRIGATION BE TERMINATED ON FRIDAYS AND MONDAYS to allow us to fill the tank and bring it on line.

Once the tank comes on line, we will have roughly eight times more capacity and at least 15 psi more pressure in the water system. 
A new water well will also be brought on line as soon as CenterPoint Energy delivers the power to the site, which is expected to occur next week. This will dramatically improve  the ability to keep the water tanks full by increasing water well pumping capacity from 300 gallons per minute (gpm) to 2500 gpm.
Finally, there will be a second large high service booster pump coming on line next week that will increase the city's pumping capacity from 800 gpm to 1400 gpm into the water system.
All of the new water plant improvements should be brought on line over the next two weeks.  In the mean time we need your continued help to conserve water wherever possible and especially on Fridays and Mondays as requested above.