October 12, 2016 - Water Plant Update

This notice will serve as a brief update on the completion of the improvements to the City’s Water Plant Number 1. The ongoing water problems stem from the new Water Well that the City’s contractor recently placed online. The water is perfectly safe to drink but has an offensive odor and off color due to the presence of iron reducing bacteria.

The City’s operator, ST Environmental, has been able to reduce the bacteria by super-chlorinating and then flushing the water system. The City has asked the contractor to perform additional piping work in hopes of eliminating the odor issues and we need your help. That work at the water plant began yesterday, Tuesday, October 11.  Listed below are the additional items that need to be completed and estimated date of completion:

1)  Install new intake/aeration into Ground Storage Tank - October 14

2)  Chlorinate Ground Storage Tank and get a clear bacterial sample - October 15

3)  Put the Ground Storage Tank, Stand Pipe, Elevated Storage Tank and all 3 wells on line - October 18

It is critical that you please conserve your water usage during this time.

The contractor will be working this coming weekend to complete the remaining piping work which should remove the offensive odor and provide clear water. All of this work should be completed by next Tuesday, October 18. Until that date you will continue to notice varying levels of the odor and color issues and some may be more intense as this work is concluded.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work to solve this problem!

This message is to provide an update on the Fulshear water system.  You may have noticed a continued slight odor (sulfur smell) in the water, which is not uncommon for new water wells in the region.  Typically, this clears up after regular use and/or modified treatment but unfortunately that has not occurred in this case and the odor has continued. 

To address the problem the City has approved a new piping installation at the water plant that should alleviate the odor.  That work is scheduled to begin this Friday or Saturday and will last four or five days.  The good news is that this modification should remove the odor issues associated with the new water well.  The bad news is that only the new well can be used while the piping is being installed.  This means that there will be the potential for a strong sulfur smell to exist in the water for the four or five days while this work is occurring.   

While there is no health risk associated with the water, the presence of this odor can be objectionable.  Please know that the water is completely safe for consumption and the sampled results are well below any EPA or Texas Commission on Environmental Quality regulations. 

Please continue to check the City’s website for updates regarding the drinking water.  Thank you for your continued patience as we work through this issue.

For more information regarding hydrogen sulfide in public drinking water, please click the following link from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality: