Fireworks-Free Fulshear

Fireworks are fun to watch, however, aside from the inherent safety and fire risks they pose, they can be a large threat to your friends and neighbors in many unseen ways (individuals suffering from PTSD, families with small children, families with pets, etc.). Additionally, FIREWORKS ARE ILLEGAL WITHIN THE CITY LIMITS OF FULSHEAR and violations are punishable by a fine up to $2,000 for each offense.

Fulshear Police Department urges residents to not be fooled by the "mob mentality" as you may hear fireworks going off just outside the city limits (fireworks are not illegal in the unincorporated areas of Fort Bend County). If you're tempted, they urge you to call (281) 346-2202 to "talk it over" with an on-duty police officer. 

Stay safe, Fulshear, and have a Happy New Year!