Aug. 29 Cross Creek Ranch Water System Update

There is no change in status to the Cross Creek Ranch water system today. The water is safe to drink, and the water pressure remains above TCEQ requirements. 

The City is working diligently with our service provider to resolve the issue, however we still need the assistance of residents.

Residents should continue to conserve water usage to assist in maintaining system pressure. 

Representatives from the City’s Utility Services Department have provided the following details regarding the water system status:

“Both water plants in Cross Creek Ranch are currently operating and delivering safe drinking water that meets all Texas Commission On Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requirements.  

There was an issue with one of the well motors failing at Water Plant #1 last night that caused the main power breaker to trip.  Water Plant #2 was able to maintain pressure and continue delivering safe drinking water within the entire distribution system. 

Water Plant #1 was able to be brought back online utilizing a secondary well onsite that is designed to serve as a backup in a situation like this one.

We are working diligently so that back up contingencies can be maintained during this extreme weather event.”