Statement Regarding Status of City Agreement With GM Equity

February 27, 2018: In this campaign season, often questions arise as to city efforts on various issues.  It is the City of Fulshear’s policy to typically not address every statement or allegation thrown about in a campaign but to let the candidates debate and to let the voters make the final decision, hopefully based on facts.  However, there are occasions where the city must set the facts straight and the City of Fulshear does so now. 

In an effort to bring utilities to the new LCISD school campus, the City obtained various easements to run its pipes through to connect to the new middle and high school campuses.  GM Equity Group, LLC (Ginter) donated free of charge a 20-foot easement to the City to lay its pipelines.  In exchange for this donation, Ginter was allowed to purchase capacity in the pipeline and plant to develop its property.  Ginter has paid approximately $180,000 and there remains approximately $100,000 to be paid by Ginter. A dispute arose concerning damages to a fence and cost in moving livestock which both the City and Ginter continue to work to bring to a mutually acceptable settlement.  The pipelines were installed in 2011-2012.  Until an agreement is reached no connection to the pipelines will be allowed by the City following the City’s standard operating procedure.   

The City of Fulshear is not the party with GM Equity under any circumstance and specifically not for any right of way or other contributions toward the Texas Heritage Parkway project. The Texas Heritage Parkway project is a key regional mobility project, and is a unique public-private partnership involving contributions from Fort Bend County, Waller County, the City of Katy, the City of Fulshear, and private landowners along the future roadway. The City of Fulshear adopted an Interlocal Agreement related to the City’s contribution toward the project with Fort Bend County in May 2017 , and is awaiting the County’s adoption of same.  The City’s pipeline easements are a completely separate issue from the Texas Heritage Parkway. 

In conclusion, no complaint has been lodged to the City by any individual or city official about the conduct of the City, its staff or elected or appointed officials concerning the acquisition of the Ginter easement, installation of the City’s pipelines or the Texas Heritage Parkway.  The City has an established complaint procedure in place that anyone may take advantage of, or speak at public comments section at a regularly scheduled city council meeting, file a charge with the Fulshear Police Department or swear out a complaint with the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s office.  To the City’s knowledge there are no complaints or charges filled with or against the City.  The City is looking forward to the May election, the selection of a new city manager and moving forward as the City continues to prosper. 

If any citizen has any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Interim City Manager, Kenny Seymour at or by calling City Hall at 281-346-1796.