Countersuit Seeking City Depositions Dismissed Due to Lack of Cause

May 15, 2018: The City of Fulshear received favorable news on May 1, 2018, in the form of ruling from the 240th District Court of Fort Bend County to effectively dismiss a lawsuit filed by Advanced Technologies Transfer and Intellectual Property Group, LLC (ATTIP), represented by Mr. Diogu Diogu (Case No. 18-DCV-249910).

The Court issued a ruling against ATTIP, finding that they had not shown sufficient cause to take depositions.

ATTIP’s suit sought to require depositions of the City of Fulshear, Mayor Jeff Roberts (in his official capacity), former City Secretary Diana Offord (in her official capacity), councilmembers Tricia Krenek and Tommy Kuykendall in their individual capacities, and Kenny Seymour, C.J. Snipes and J. Grady Randle in their individual capacities, relative to lawsuit previously filed by the City (Case No. 18-DCV-250347), opposing a title claim made by ATTIP for an unimproved portion of 4th Street in downtown Fulshear.

The City’s initial suit seeking to defend itself as the rightful owner of 4th Street, continues in the 400th District Court.