2018 Fulshear Demographic Update Now Available

The City of Fulshear’s 2018 Demographic Update and residential development overview map is now available on the City website. The report was completed by Population and Survey Analysts for the City of Fulshear and provides estimates of the City’s current population as well as projections for future population growth. Given the rapid pace of residential development in and around the Fulshear area, the report and projections are updated annually.   

Highlights of the 2018 report for Fulshear include a 64% attainment rate for Bachelor’s degree or higher (vs. 31% for the Houston metro area), and a median household income of $167,708 (vs. $61,465 for the Houston metro).

The City of Fulshear’s population was estimated to be 10,284 as of October 2017, and is projected to reach 12,198 by October 2018; 16,088 by 2020; and 20,552 by 2022.

When combining the population within the City Limits with areas in Fulshear’s Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ), the total estimated population is projected to grow from an estimated 23,089 in 2017 to 27,867 in 2018; 36,752 in 2020; and 49,210 by 2022.