Red Bird Lane Update

A weather pattern stalled over Texas and produced the worst flash flooding since 1935 in Llano County. The area got as much as 13.24 inches of rain in two days.
Also, Dallas broke the record for the wettest autumn on record - just halfway into the season. The Dallas area has received almost 2 feet of rain so far this fall.
Although, we did not experience that type of rainfall in our area, the rain north of us can impact our city.
At this time we do not anticipate any flooding in Fulshear but we want you to be aware of the situation.
The Brazos River at Richmond is anticipated to rise to 39.1 feet on Sunday and begin to subside thereafter. As long as no more large amounts of rain fall, the river SHOULD NOT raise above 39.1 feet according to the National Weather Service – Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Chart located at this link:…
What does this mean for Fulshear?
Historically if the Brazos River at Richmond reports a rise of the Brazos River to 41.4, then Red Bird Lane off of Bois D’Arc will begin to see water on its lanes. However, WE DO NOT anticipate this to happen at this time. As it stands today, the prediction is ONLY 39.1 feet on Sunday, which is a little over two feet UNDER the threshold of impacting Red Bird
We want you to be informed and aware of the situation just in case anything changes.