Red Bird Lane

The recent cold front which produced this beautiful weather we are currently experiencing, dropped a lot of rain as it passed through Texas. The Brazos River at Richmond is anticipated to rise to 39.9 feet between Monday (November 5, 2018) and Tuesday (November 6, 2018) and begin to subside thereafter. The river SHOULD NOT rise above 39.9 feet according to the National Weather Service – Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Chart located at this link:…

What does this mean for Fulshear?

Historically, if the Brazos River at Richmond reports a rise of the Brazos River to 41.4 feet, then Red Bird Lane off of Bois D’Arc will begin to see water cross over it's lanes, which ultimately affects those who live on Shady Lane and Country Lane, in regards to mobility. However, WE DO NOT anticipate this to happen at this time.

As it stands today, the prediction is ONLY 39.9 feet which is WELL BELOW the threshold of impacting Red Bird Lane.

Only as a precaution, we provide this message to help everyone stay safe, aware and informed.

Have a great weekend!