Parks and Pathways - Master Plan

As one of the fast-growing communities in the Houston metropolitan region, the City of Fulshear has been developing the Fulshear Parks and Pathways Master Plan. This plan is intended to address current and future recreation resources and pedestrian mobility within the city limits and ETJ (Extraterritorial Jurisdiction) of Fulshear. The master plan development process has involved stakeholder input from several meetings and an online survey. This process has allowed for the integration of existing and future needs along with other future planning activities of the City of Fulshear. The master plan is focused on creating a bike and pedestrian friendly environment with preserving and adding parks and available open space in Fulshear. Please review the draft in the link provided and let us know your thoughts. Your comments will be gathered as part of the ongoing development of the plan so that the City Council can consider formal adoption in early 2019.

Let’s make Fulshear a better place together!

Link to draft plan and comments portal: