Red Bird Lane Flooding Possibility

The Brazos River at Richmond is predicted to rise to 45.1 feet between Tuesday (January 8th) and Wednesday (January 9th) and begin to subside thereafter, according to the National Weather Service – Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Chart. 

Historically if the Brazos River at Richmond reports a rise of the Brazos River to 41.4 feet, then Red Bird Lane will begin to see water cross over it's lanes and could cause the street to become flooded and impassable. This is only a historic gauge and not a certainty that this will happen. However, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and be prepared. 

Currently Red Bird Lane is not flooded, but according to predictions it COULD begin to flood within the next 24 hours if levels continue to rise at the current pace. 

Although the homes on Country Lane and Shady Lane are not in danger of flooding, the exit road (Red Bird Lane) could flood and make it impassable and difficult to leave your home. 

Please monitor accordingly and begin to prepare and make arrangements, if leaving your home becomes necessary.