Red Bird Lane Flooding Possibility - UPDATE

The Brazos River at Richmond is predicted to rise to 45.1 feet between Tuesday (January 8th) and Wednesday (January 9th) and begin to subside thereafter, according to the National Weather Service – Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Chart.
Historically if the Brazos River at Richmond reports a rise of the Brazos River around the levels predicted, then Red Bird Lane will begin to see water cross over its lanes and may cause the street to become flooded.
It now appears that the culverts along Red Bird Lane are filling from the overflow from Cottonwood Creek and Red Bird Lane may flood over the next 12 hours. The extent of the flooding is uncertain. Many factors go into making a prediction, all of which can change, depending on erosion, flood patterns, rainfall and weather. However, we are visibly seeing water enter the culverts at this time.
Although the homes on Country Lane and Shady Lane are not in danger of flooding, the exit road (Red Bird Lane) could flood to some extent and make it impassable and difficult to leave your home.
This may or may not happen, but we want residents on Country Lane and Shady Lane to be aware and prepared if they need to leave their home for any reason.
Again, this is only a prediction and not a certainty, but it’s important that you are informed of the situation.
Your police department is monitoring the situation and will continue to advise if or when the water reaches its threshold and begins to pass over Red Bird Lane.