Electricity Outages

Recently, some of you have been experiencing electricity outages in and around the city. We have been informed that CenterPoint has investigated these area outages and that corrective measures have been initiated to minimize these issues.

CenterPoint identified 18 areas within the city where trees have grown too close to power lines, 7 instances of fuse/circuit issues, along with some construction-related issues. Because of these items, momentary outages are being caused that have affected multiple areas in and around the City.

CenterPoint has begun tree trimming at these locations to reduce or eliminate the problem. In addition, CenterPoint is also completing improvements at locations where component/fuse issues were found.

Some of the outages were associated with the F.M. 1093 construction. As crews work to move facilities to the new Right Of Way, they sometimes must de-energize portions of the circuit to be able to safely complete a particular task. In most cases these outages are for a very short length of time.

Thank you for your continued patience regarding these matters. Please continue to report issues to CenterPoint (713-207-2222) so they can track and address these items as they arise. The City will continue to work closely with CenterPoint as well as with TXDOT construction crews to