The City of Fulshear and Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District Nos. 169, 170, 171, 172 and 173 and Fulshear MUD 1 have agreed to restructure the original Utility Agreements with the City.

For several years, the City and the MUDs in Cross Creek Ranch and Fulbrook on Fulshear Creek have been negotiating revisions to the original utility agreements that date back to as early as 2007.

Mayor Aaron Groff stated, “These new agreements will enable the City to deliver future utility needs to all Fulshear residents without any interruption of service to the residents in Cross Creek Ranch and Fulbrook on Fulshear Creek.”

The new agreements provide for financing and utility capacity needs for municipal facilities and enables the continued high-quality growth of the City of Fulshear long into the future.

The MUDs design, construct, and finance water, sanitary sewer, drainage, and road facilities within the boundaries of the MUDs. Upon completion, the facilities are conveyed to the City of Fulshear for operation and maintenance.

Because of these Agreements, the City of Fulshear has commissioned a rate study to determine how these changes will affect utility rates. As part of this rate study, the City has already committed to a reduction of $7.50 per month for both water and sewer base rates (for a total reduction of $15 per month) for City water/sewer customers. This reduction will apply to all customers regardless of whether the customer is located inside or outside of a MUD.

The City of Fulshear will be implementing this reduction through the new rates with the October 2019 billing cycle.