City of Fulshear Cross Creek Ranch Community - Stage II Voluntary Water Conservation Efforts Activation

Drought and Emergency Response Stage II Voluntary Water Restrictions activated for those living within the Cross Creek Ranch community.

A water plant located within the Cross Creek Ranch Community is in need of emergency repair and will be taken offline. This water supply system is unable to deliver water to due to failure or damage of major mechanical components. Repairs are anticipated to take up to three weeks to complete.

Therefore, due to the current condition of this water plant and its needed repair, the City of Fulshear has activated Stage II Drought and Emergency Response measures. We are asking citizens to conserve water at this time to help alleviate stress on the system and help maintain water pressure. With your help, the city is hoping to avoid more stringent restrictions in Stage III and Stage IV of the Drought and Emergency Response Plan.

Please be aware that during this time of repair and due to resources being shifted away from the affected water plant to an alternate water plant, water pressure and capacity will be impacted for two to three weeks.

Voluntary restrictions to our customers as outlined in the approved (Stage II) Drought Contingency Plan  are as follows. 


• Intensify efforts to not allow water to run off into the street, drain or ditch

• Reduce domestic water use, repair all leaks

• Reduce watering lawn/landscaping

• Reduce water use for power washing of hard-surface areas (i.e., sidewalks, parking lots)

• Please wait to establish new landscaping

If Stage III or Stage IV Drought and Emergency Response measures become necessary, or if the restrictions are lifted, announcements will be posted on the City’s website and Facebook Page. Water restriction stages are based on daily water usage versus daily well output as set forth by TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.)

For any concerns or questions, please call 281-346-1796 or email

Click HERE to view the four levels of drought and emergency stages.