Capital Improvement Project - FM 359 Corridor Water & Wastewater

The City of Fulshear's 2019 Capital Improvement Program presents its Water and Wastewater expansion project!  We are excited to kick off the first expansion of the City's Water & Wastewater Master Plan project W18K & WW18E.  The project was approved for design by City Council in February of 2019 and was awarded for construction in September of 2019.  The project in summary will increase the capacity of the water system with 6,400 LF of water line main, 3,200 LF of 12" Sanitary Sewer Line, 5, 800 LF of Force Main and a Lift Station on Wallis Street near FM 359 N.  The water line will connect to an existing water line on Wallins Street just north of 5th Street and will end just north of Rogers Rd. The new sanitary sewer line will run from Rogers Rd. to the lift station where the new force main will begin and run south along Wallis Street.  The force Main will take the sanitary waste to the wastewater treatment plan located in the median on FM 1093.

The $1,600,000 construction project is expected to begin November 4, 2019. The project is 210 calendar days.  We do not expect to have service interruptions. 
Completion Progress:  12% 12/20/2019

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