Input Needed Regarding Broadband Services

March 11, 2020:

The City of Fulshear’s Economic Development Corporations (EDCs) have initiated a discovery study to gain a clearer understanding of broadband needs in Fulshear. An online survey is now available to gather specific information from residents and businesses. The survey may be accessed at:
The leadership of the City understands that broadband is a critical service for businesses, organizations and citizens. The City, however, does not control the provision of broadband services in Fulshear. This study will allow City leadership to gain a clearer understanding of what steps may be required to gain and maintain a competitive advantage in terms of broadband, and to make sure that the community’s needs are met. The initial phase of the study includes gathering input from City residents, businesses and key stakeholders to compare against industry data.
“We want to take the steps to make sure our citizens and businesses have the connectivity they need to thrive in Fulshear.  We also view broadband as a competitive issue in keeping Fulshear as one of the top destinations to work and live,” said Fulshear Mayor Aaron Groff.  “To do that, we have to start by having a good picture of what connectivity there currently is and what connectivity issues our citizens and businesses have which will help us determine what next steps to take.”
“We will be gathering input through the rest of this month and the first week of April,” said Fulshear Economic Development Director, Angela Fritz. “We’d like as many residents and businesses as possible to complete the survey so we have a clear picture of the needs and gaps in service. Our project consultant, HRGreen, will also be interviewing government representatives and leaders from various industries during that time to gather additional information.”  
The study and analysis will be completed this spring. The City’s EDCs have contracted with HRGreen, a national engineering firm with offices in Houston and Frisco, to complete this initial discovery phase.

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