Toilet Paper "Trickle Down" Effect

Please do NOT flush wet wipes, tissue or heavy paper towels.
Experts are warning that the panic run on toilet paper could lead to much bigger waste problems than we realize.

With toilet paper in short supply due to the panic buying in response to COVID-19, some researchers warn there's a risk that toilet paper alternatives such as wet wipes, napkins and paper towels may lead to major waste issues in YOUR sewer house line and the city’s collection system.

With supermarket shelves wiped bare of toilet paper, water infrastructure experts fear that the use of toilet paper alternatives such as wet wipes, napkins and thicker paper could lead to major blockages in our water and sewage systems.

Some water utilities have already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars removing wet wipes from the collection systems, lift pumps and at sewage treatment plants. These products can create blockages on a very large scale.

Please do not flush wet wipes, napkins, paper towels or anything other than toilet paper. Please properly dispose of them by throwing them in the trash.

Stay Strong, Stay Safe Fulshear.