Recyclables (Temporary) 

Recently, WCA, our solid waste provider learned that one of their drivers has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. As a precaution, the helpers and other drivers who have been in close contact with this driver have been quarantined. Due to a temporary shortage of staff no more recyclables will be collected until full staffing is obtained.

The City and WCA have worked out a temporary solution to help accommodate the recyclables.

Effective April 3 – dusk to dawn

The City of Fulshear and WCA have put in place three dumpster units to be used for recycling materials only.  The dumpster units are large rectangular shaped units with no lids on top. They have reflective barricades placed in front of them for public safety purposes.  They are 5 feet tall.  Items can be tossed into the dumpster unit.  It is recommended that you package or bundle in small lightweight units to be able to toss into the dumpsters. 

DO NOT place trash, bulk waste, construction materials, grass clippings, glass, or any other like items into the dumpsters.  These are NOT recycle materials.  For clarification of the items that can be recycled, please visit the WCA website for a detailed listing:

The dumpsters are located south of Cross Creek Bend Boulevard on the newly constructed Plymouth Lane (close to the Cross Creek Ranch Welcome Center)

The site will be routinely monitored by city staff.  As the containers start to fill, staff will coordinate a call for pick up. As one is picked up an empty one is dropped.

We are anticipating this will be a short term situation and we believe a reasonable solution to help mitigate the concerns we received regarding the recycling suspension by WCA.

Questions – call or email us: 281-346-8830 or