Trash Guidelines for Residents

Recently, there have been several questions concerning collection of solid waste and recyclables within the City of Fulshear.  As a reminder all services are provided on Wednesday, which means three separate trucks are collecting from each house.  One truck is the automated truck collecting the trash carts, another automated truck is dedicated to collecting the recycle carts and a third truck will come by to collect the contents outside the carts.  Please note, any items outside of the carts will be disposed of as bulk trash.  Please remember to leave adequate space between the carts for ease in servicing.  This allows our drivers to quickly go from house-to-house avoiding any type of disruption for your neighbors.

For bulk items, or items outside either of the carts, please be mindful that stoves or refrigerators need to have a tag certifying all CFC’s have been removed.  This tag must come from a certified technician, or the items may not be taken to the landfill.  Also, loose brush needs to have a diameter less than 4 inches and bundled not totaling more than four feet in length.  This bundle should also be less than fifty pounds to protect our crews and equipment.