Water Distribution System Flushing (Hydrant Flushing)

Flushing of the main water lines helps maintain water quality and is anessential preventive maintenance strategy for the water distribution system.The flushing process consists of opening thehydrant while increasing thevelocity of water moving through the pipes to remove sediments that mayaffect the water’s taste and color.Flushing will start in the southernmostsections of CCR and will continue flushing section by section heading north.Each section will take approximately 5-15 minutes to flush.

What to expect:

Minimal Pressure Loss: a minimum loss of water pressure is
common while flushing is taking place in your section and will only last for a short period of time, the process does not typically interrupt water service.

Cloudy Water: Flushing may cause your water to appear cloudy or discolored and will clear up shortly after flushing your section is complete. Though not harmful, this water may stain laundry. If this occurs, let both the cold and hot water faucets run until the water clears.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact:

City Utility Manager Dan McGraw: 832-344-8807

Inframark Operations Manager Starsky Wallin: 713-446-2307