Former Mayor and Fulshear Icon, Viola Randle


September 16, 2020 - It is with great sorrow and heartbreak to announce Fulshear resident, former Mayor and Fulshear icon, Viola Randle passed away last night at the age of 96.
Ms. Randle was the first African-American Mayor of Fulshear and served from 1993 to 1998. Ms. Randle always had passion and commitment for her city; even at her passing she was still a member of the Fulshear Historic Commission.

Many times you would see Ms. Randle at city festivities, police and fire events giving her full support. She never missed a "movie night" and loved sitting on the grass with her family and friends watching movies with the community.

Ms. Randle always attended city council meetings and loved being part of this city which she called home from the time she was born.

Ms. Randle was a true hero of Fulshear and her beautiful smile will be greatly missed.

Thank you for your service and your incredible love and passion for us all.