Heights Drainage Issues

Following several incidents of high water affecting residents in the Heights section of Cross Creek Ranch the City initiated an investigation to determine what the causative factor for the high water situation was. Working with Severn Trent, Clay & Leyendecker, Brown & Gay and Hurtado Construction the City was able to determine that a temporary masonry plug inside the drainage pipe itself (see picture below) had not to be removed following the line’s completion.

 heights plug

This Plug was supposed to be removed by the MUD’s contractor and under the direction of the MUD’s engineering and inspection team before it was dedicated to the City.  Subsequent to the discovery yesterday morning the plug was removed and the City is hopeful that the high water situation will be alleviated following the next rains.

Following this and other issues related to the conveyance of public improvements made by entities other than the City; the City is in the process of revising its processes related to the oversight of public improvements and the acceptance of those improvements.  The City would like to take this opportunity to apologize to our residents for any inconvenience they have endured. Likewise we wish thank them for their continuing patience and communication.