HighTen Capital Information


In March of 2021 representatives of HighTen Capital met with a small group of City staff to discuss a potential development off Bois D’ Arc and garner some feedback on a conceptual plan. On a side note, meetings like this happen almost daily in Fulshear as a result of our rapid growth.

In the March preliminary meetings, it was clearly made known to HighTen Capital that the property they were considering developing was zoned as Estate Residential (2-acre lots). Furthermore, it was made clear that drainage, trees, and traffic would be some of the items that Staff, Council and the surrounding residents would be most sensitive to and expect the developer to address.

In May the prospective Developer requested a second preliminary meeting, this time with Staff and Mayor. At this meeting, the Developer presented a land plan showing 1/2 acre lots and 1-acre lots (no 2-acre lots). This meeting also highlighted the need for a second point of entry, compliance with Atlas 14 drainage standards, the importance of a traffic impact study, and other CDO requirements such as cul-de-sac length. Staff/Mayor indicated again that this proposed density would probably not be approved without broad support from the residents directly impacted. To this point, it was suggested that the Developer arrange a meeting with the residents directly impacted.
In July armed with the knowledge that Council would likely be reluctant to approve variances to the Estate Residential zoning, without broad support from the community, HighTen Capital presented a somewhat detailed plan for development to the residents in the Bois D’Arc area. Some of those details had not even been discussed with City prior to disclosure in this meeting.

To date no Development Agreement terms have been proposed to City, no variances have been formally requested, and Staff and Mayor have only given limited feedback on conceptual plans and the process of development. This feedback did include the steps required for future development and the process one must go through to receive a variance per the CDO.
Note: It does appear that HighTen has heard the requests of the community and is addressing concerns raised by Staff,