Permit Applications & Other Forms

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Alarm Permit Application     
Backflow Prevention Test Report    
Banner Permit    
Certificate of Occupancy     
Certificate of Occupancy Authorization Form    
Clean and Show (Electrical Release)    
Commercial Building Permit Application      
Commercial Utility Tap Application    
Contractor Registration     
Demolition Permit Application      
Electrical Permit Application      
Energy Registration    
Fireworks Display Permit    
Flat Work Permit Packet      
Flood Damage Permit Application    
Generator Permit Application    
Golf Cart Permit Packet               
HVAC Permit Application    
Lawn Irrigation Permit Application    
Open Records Request    
Plan Revision/ Plan Change Application    
Planned Unit Development Application
Plumbing Permit Application    
Pre-Development Meeting Request Form    
Property Owner Affidavit    
Residential Tap Request/Existing Customers      
Residential Building Permit Application    
Residential Addition/Remodel    
Residential Utility Application (New Construction)    
Right Of Way    
Sign Permit Application    
Solar Panel Permit Application    
Solicitation Application    
Special Event Permit Application    
Special Use Permit    
Sign Variance Request       
Swimming Pool Permit    
TABC Permit/Renewal/Ownership Change    
Temporary Construction Trailer
Water Meter Verification Form    
Zoning Change Application    
Zoning Variance or Appeal Application