Legacy Section 3 Issues and Updates

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Following on our meeting on Monday August 31, 2015; this page will provide updates to the status of the steps taken to review and correct issues within Legacy Section 3.

Thursday, September 3, 2015: Severn Trent televised the sanitary sewer lines within the section on Wednesday, Sept. 2 and there was no finding of any damage or infiltration within the lines. The City is currently working with ST to schedule a televising for the Storm sewer system in this area; however that may be a few more weeks since the Storm Sewer for this area serves as storage for the lake system and may not be passable for the cameras.
Additionally, the City has requested qualifications from several geotechnical laboratories so that one might be selected to review the soils situation along the line.  Finally, the City Attorney's office is working on Bond Claim documentation. We will update more as information is available. Thank you for your patience!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015: Severn Trent will be televising the Storm Drain system in the area next week. The delay in getting this done to this point has been the need to find a specialty inflatable plug so that the lines can be pumped down for the televising equipment. Once completed the City will update you on the status. Meanwhile, the City Engineer has delayed the final two year inspections shceduled for last week.  We have asked Johnson/ Brown & Gay, etc. to hold off on additional work until we get the testing and results on the soils testing back as they may have implications on the type of repair necessitated. We again appreciate your patience and consideration!

Thursday, October 29, 2015: The City of Fulshear wishes to again thank the residents of Heron Lakes for their patience while we work with our partners at Johnson and the MUD to discern the proper course of action to ultimately resolve the issues facing the pavement, sidewalks and yards within this section. 
Severn Trent will be on site early next week to complete the televising of the Storm Water Drainage system along the affected route. The City has selected a Geotechnical and Soils Testing firm independent of those previously involved with the project.  That firm should begin sample core work and testing within the next couple of weeks.
Once we receive those findings we will develop a final solution to the issues that have occurred and re-occurred over the previous months. We understand the inconvenience and concern facing you and appreciate your ongoing patience and consideration.

Thursday, December 17, 2015: The City's contracted Engineering firm, HVJ will conduct their boring/ sampling tomorrow Friday, December 18th begiining at approximately 9:30 AM. Terracon which is working at the behest of the MUD conducted their work earlier in the week and we are working to have all firms coordinate on results and information sharing.  Once we have results back we will inform you of findings and next steps. Thank you all again for your patience!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016: The City and the MUD have received reports from their respective Geotechnical Engineering consultants on the causation and potential remediation of the settlement issues. Both reports pointed to the same issues along the route of the trench which contains the sanitary sewer line. Those reports indicate that the trench was not backfilled with the appropriate compaction which has created the resulting settlement. Both sets of Engineers felt that there were essentially two options: 1) completely retrench the line and then backfill or 2) utilize a process of injection grouting to fill the voids and densify the existing soil in the trench to its appropriate level. Both the City and the MUD agree that Option 2 is the more appropriate option from an economic and quality of life viewpoint. The City is currently in the process of planning the implementation of Option 2.