Water Conservation and Iniatives

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The City of Fulshear recognizes that the amount of water available to the City and its water utility customers is limited and subject to depletion during periods of extended drought.  In additional natural limitations due to drought conditions and other natural disasters cannot guarantee an uninterrupted water supply for all purposes.  The Texas Water Code and applicable rules of the Texas Commission on Environmental Control require all Public Water Supply Systems in Texas to prepare a Drought Contingency Plan.  The Drought Contingency Plan adopted by the City Council (Ordinance 2019-1304) established certain rules and policies for the orderly and efficient management of limited water supplies during drought and other water supply emergencies. The ordinance also adopts the Region H 2016 Water Plan for our area.

In addition, the City of Fulshear, in order to conserve the available water supply and/or to protect the integrity of water supply facilities, with particular regard to domestic water use, sanitation and fire protection, and to protect and preserve public health, welfare and safety, and to minimize the adverse impacts of water supply shortage or other water supply emergency conditions, has adopted a Water Conservation Plan.  The plan contains goals of the program.  The overall intent of the Program is to minimize water loss in the overall system.  To accomplish the goals and objectives of the Water Conservation Plan, the City participates in the Larry's Toolbox Program.